Hey there,

My name is Anna and my relation with fashion... is complicated!

While I was living in Russia, my go-to outfit was pumps, fur, and half-a-kilo of make up, lol. Now that I’m living in Europe, my party outfits are based on jeans and sneakers so I know how difficult it is to build a fabulous wardrobe that follows trends, expresses your individuality and doesn't break the bank! Sometimes, all you really need is some advice from a stylish person who has the same body frame, sense of humor and style preference, so why not ask fashion bloggers?

That's how we came up with the idea for  4Styler - a project to unite fashionistas and people who need a tender fashion kick.

Fashionistas, unite: let's bring fashion to the world!

Best wishes,
Anna Lamoot and the 4Styler Team

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