Fashion Bloggers Style Tips of the Week


"Try layering your outfit, you might find the perfect look from opposite items”

Darja Barannik, fashion blogger


"What do you do when you’re a little bit hot but also a little bit cold? Off Shoulder Sweater! "

Jane Song, the fashion blogger behind Fitfabfunmom


"A lot of you are going to ask me if i am crazy to wear fur coat with bare legs but I do that my whole life. If i have awarm jacket or sweater I can go with bare legs even when its freezing outside. From house to car back i will be totally fine!"

Zorana Jovanovic, the fashion blogger behind Zorannah.


"Long coats are way more flattering and way more trendy/sophisticated/classy/cool than any other length. Size matters, especially with fashion!"

Francine Kerckhaert, the fashion blogger behind Mylifeincolors.

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