How to get style advice online.


1.  Choose Style Adviser.

Check available style advisers and choose the one whose style you relate to.  

Remember,  if you want to look like "boho babes" - choose style advisers who wear "boho", if you like "tomboy" - ask fashion bloggers who doing "tomboy". You got it--ask for style advice people who you want to look like.

My Style Adviser was Katerina, from Russia.

2. Show your wardrobe.

Make photos of the items in your wardrobe and upload them to the free mobile app, 4Styler or directly to the forum.  

For example, there are some screenshots of my wardrobe (from 4Styler mobile app):

3. Write your question.

If you want to get solid consulting - it’s better to ask for advice via the forum, in your style adviser’s thread. In my case, it was there

My question was: "How to style my 2 oversized sweaters and how to dress down my 2 dresses?"


4. Get style advice!

The Style Adviser will look through your real wardrobe and will give you some ideas for outfits you can build. 

My style adviser suggested 18 outfits to me!


5. Try it.

Following the ideas, put the items on you, and take a selfie. Or, just take a flat lay photo. Upload the photos to the forum/app, so your Style Adviser could check them out.


6. Improve it.

Your Style Adviser will check out your looks. He/she will confirm some of them, or give you ideas on how you can improve them more.


7. Save it in your mobile device!

Upload the final result -  your outfits - to the mobile app. The next time you have any doubts as to what to wear - simply open your app and see all the possible outfits you could wear.

For example, when I have doubts as what to wear - I open my mobile app and see the next:


8. Stay in touch!

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Stop struggling with your wardrobe, start enjoying--4Styler helps!



To ask for advice Katerina, the Style Adviser from the post, go here.

To read full style consultancy from the post here.

To download 4Styler mobile app here.

To be Style Adviser yourself


Still not sure how to ask for advice at 4Styler? Simple contact us at blog [at] , we will take care.