Story of success: Styling a casual European wardrobe in 4Styler.

Hey, let me introduce Anna, who asked for style help at 4Styler.

Anna is 32, lives in Europe, her size is XS.  Her wardrobe consists of sweaters, jeans and a couple of nice dresses, which she never wears, because they are “too dressed up” for casual days.


Style challenge:

To help style grey oversized sweaters and to dress down her dresses for casual days.


Style Adviser:

Katerina, the fashion expert and personal shopper from Russia.


Style Tools:

the style advice was given online at the forum, as well as by using the 4Styler mobile app (for showing the real wardrobe).




Let’s begin.


The overview oof Anna's wardrobe.

Katerina spotted several problems with Anna’s wardrobe:

  • There were too many similar & basic items. Anna needed to add more statement pieces.

  • There were no accessories in the wardrobe, like scarfs, belts, etc.

  • There were some nice statement pieces in the wardrobe, that weren’t being used.


The result: Katerina has created 18 outfits using Anna's wardrobe.



#1, 2. Lace dress/Little black dress + oversized sweater with short sleeves + Chelsea boots.

  • The key: the sweater with flats dress down the dress and make it acceptable for casual wear.
  • Style tip: Add a pair of grey/black simple socks. And another super stylish addition  - the lace socks, with a flower print, or black flower-lace printed tights (both you can find at Calzedonia new spring/summer collection)

Occasions: office, free time


#3, 4. Lace dress / little black dress + biker jacket + slip-ons

The key: Because the top will be oversized, you need to add some proportions, like exposing your ankle -it will show the person under all the layers. That is why Chelsea boots should be switched to slip-ons. 


#5. The top from the floral suit + the leather pants.
Works good, as well with the grey cape coat from Anna’s wardrobe
Occasions: for a date, any party, or night events with heels. With flats (slip-ons, sneakers, Chelsea boots ) - for casual occasions.

#6, 7. The skirt from the floral suit + white button down + both oversized sweaters.

Also works good with the grey cape coat from Anna’s wardrobe.

The key: The oversized sweater dresses down the skirt, while the shirt will add another layer, which makes the outfit more interesting. Works good with any shoes - either flats or heels.

Style tip: Roll up the sleeves of the sweater over the long sleeves of the shirt

Occasion: work, free time.


#8. Lace dress over black leather pants.

The key: The dress has asymmetrical buttons and is cut deep at the breasts - possible to  use it like a tunic. The different texture - lace and leather - works great together, and adds a bit of rock to the air.

Style tip: Wear the dress like a tunic, over a leather dress.

Occasion: parties, dressed up events.



#9, 10. Oversized sweater + white skinny.

Style tip: Add a silk shawl around the neck, like a tie.

Works good with either white or black shoes.



#11. The leather pants + T-shirt over the white button down.

Style tip: wear a T-shirt over a white skirt, layering makes the outfit more interesting. And, the more T-shirts you have—the more outfits you could build this way.



#12, 13. Oversized sweaters + the leather pants.

Style tip: A stylish version of wearing sweaters, shirts together with pants/jeans, (or even a skirt) is to tuck it in the front and leave it hanging from behind. Shoes: Should be black.



Combos were refused by Katerina:

  • Grey oversized sweaters with blue jeans - this one looks boring and too basic.
  • Grey oversized sweaters with black jeans - almost the same "simplicity" as any blue ones.
  • The tweed jacket over the combo #.. - colors don’t match, and the jacket should be straight and shaped squarely.
  • Dresses with one of oversized sweater - the sweater is too sportive and has a Vneck, that’s a deal-breaker.



To sum up:


- 18 outfits were built.

- Oversized sweaters were styled in 8 ways.

- Both of the dresses were dressed down for casual occasions.

- There were 3 items used, which were not originally worn by their owner.

- 0 dollar were spent for buying other items.

- 4 style technic were learned.


That is what we called "the stylist's work". Now is your turn - let us to style your wardrobe!


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