5 Questions to Style Adviser Giuliana, Peru

5 Style questions to Giuliana

Hey friends!  Today we are proud to introduce you Giuliana Bernaola from Peru, the fashion blogger behind Theartsartorialist and the Style Adviser at 4Styler!

4Styler: Hey Giuliana! How would you describe your style? What are the key ingredients of your signature look?

Giuliana: My style depends always on my mood and the occasion, sometimes I feel boho and sometimes I feel like dressing minimalism. It's like food, you don't always eat the same food! My key ingredient to my look will always be accesories, like Rachel Zoe said in her book Style A to Zoe: "OBSESSORIZE", I will never forget that word. 

4S: Current favorite casual go-to outfit?

G: You never lose with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute classic-cut top. With the right accessories and a statement bag, you'll be casual, chic and never overdressed. 

4S: Four favourite items in your closet?

G: My Pucci scarves, Prada bag, Grandma Jewels and my Alta Moda Missoni Dress. 

4S: What is fashionable in your city right now?

G: Everything hipster or bohemian. People here are very casual for the day. 

4S: Your length and size?

G: I'm skinny and average tall in my country (1.70cm) but I try to make the most of my length by wearing pieces that fit me well.

4S: Any advice for your fans?

G: I think it's very important to have a good tailor to have clothes fit you exactly how they must, you wouldn't believe how clothes change your body when they fit you well! 

Thank you, Giuliana!

Guiliana is advising at 4Styler--you can ask her for personal style advice at our fashion forum here.